Amazing facts bible study is here to answer your Biblical questions from a source you can trust--the Bible! We do that by:

  1. Providing brief summaries of Bible topics, resources and articles.
    Providing you an opportunity to ask a question and receive a personal Bible-based answer from the team.
  2. Providing you an opportunity to ask for personal prayer about the concerns in your life. Our team will pray for you and respond to you personally.
  3. Providing free Bible study guides to assist you in understanding God’s answers to life’s greatest questions.

During this time of coronavirus crisis, here are some simple ways to reach out online to your friends, contacts, and local community. These items will help you and your church family grow in faith, too!

The Voice of Prophecy has designed these resources for you and your local church members to use for ministering to the community online and, as restrictions are lifted, to also minister in person later on. They also are designed to reach out to your church members as well.