Zimbabwe mission trip

"Mission work in Zimbabwe was life-changing and it really did open the lenses of minds and helped to view things with an open mind. The term that the volunteers constantly had on their lips whilst in Zimbabwe was “Open mind.” There were a lot of things they saw and experienced that were not familiar with them but they were encouraged to keep an open mind. As a result, they faced everything with an open mind and hardly found anything shocking as they had allowed the Holy Spirit to help them keep an open mind and influence their responses and experiences."

Nepal mission trip

Blood donation

"As Dubai Central Church, the young and the old, we donated blood at the Dubai Health Authority's Blood Donation Center (DBDC). "

Mohaisnah health expo

"A Health Expo is a positive way to respond to human suffering, in this age of increased knowledge and technology. Every day we are witnesses to an increase in the number of deaths directly related to unhealthy lifestyles. Most of these premature deaths could have been prevented, and quality of life increased if simple changes took place in people’s life habits. Jesus revealed His method to reach those in need. He spent much of His time caring for the physical and emotional needs of the people, and while doing this had access to their hearts. As Dubai Central Church we took time to visit the Mohaisnah labor camp and had some time to teach about health and wellness and how much it means to God for us to stay healthy."


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